The Hunted Series Book 1: Temptation

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When Penny Taylor runs into a handsome stranger in a coffee shop, she believes her luck has finally changed. After having her confidence unwound by her ex, she falls hard for a true gentleman. But once she realizes that her crush is her communications professor, her world is turned upside down.

Haunted by dreams of the alluring Professor Hunter, Penny can’t seem to dismiss her fantasies and the temptation to have him grows deeper. Will the excitement, danger, and mystery surrounding Professor Hunter bring her to her knees?

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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The Perfect Stranger (Los Santos Cartel #2)

         The Perfect Stranger (Los Santos Cartel #2)


Melissa Jane has a way at keeping you involved in the book to where you don’t want to put down until the very end.

This is about Antonio Suarez.
How he once worked with the government for the US and what led him to the Events of being one of the most wanted and part of the Los Santos Cartel as being the hunter.
Antonio Suarez ( Hunter ) spent Two years with the Cartel and looks as if there is a light at the end of the Tunnel when he meets Nina Cross. Will she be his ticket to bring down this Cartel? Will he be able to bring them down and keep Nina Cross safe? Will she be just someone else who becomes collateral damage?
This book will give you several emotions you will feel happiness, you will feel loss, love and will bring you angry also..
I recommend this book for anyone who loves twists and turns.
Giving this book 5 stars..
Written by SS
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White Out



Whiteout By A.A Dark
This is a continuation of 24690 and this book was seamless.. This was a heart attack
waiting to happen. West puts 24690 (Everleigh) into Whiteout until he figures out what he
is going to do with her. When in there 24690 (Everleigh) does all she can to stay safe while always thinking she is seeing Bram.. This author writes this story so well I had to take a break at some points just to get the heart to slow down a bit. Will West have mercy on 24690 (Everleigh) ? I do recommend this book and just make sure you don’t have anything going on for that day ..You will not put it down after you start reading.. This is another book full of emotion and you will find yourself cheering for 24690 (Everleigh) .. You will also think you know what will happen and be completely wrong..It was written so perfect and the characters were so believable I felt I was feeling and experiencing some of what was happening,I Loved how it ended.. If this Author wants to reopen this series and have another one following at a later time it could happen.. Possibly a Cat and Mouse game ** Hint *Hint * I give this 5 Stars ..I received this advanced copy for an honest review.. Written by SS




I just finished Reading this BOOK. I have one word to say OMG
The story is Twisted and Dark and I Look forward to Reading the next BOOK. I started Reading the Book when I woke up today and couldn’t put it down.
Bram who is the high master and has hidden his feelings for a slave since she was brought there to Whitlock Slave 24690 . She was taken from her family on her 10th birthday. He made a commitment that he would protect her as much as he could after she tried to kill herself.. Then there’s West who is Brams best friend and someone who has always done what was asked biding his time he could take what he wanted. Slave 24690 and Whitlock..
Does Slave 24690 get the happiness that she seaks? Does Bram stop resisting what he feels and does west get what he’s been striving to for so long?
This author made you feel all the emotions you can have.. Made you feel sadness, you felt love, loss, anger and made you so angry that I wanted to be the gripping the scissors..Yes that part was scary to me..You need to read this book and you will understand why i say that. This book is not for the Faint and did have me cringing in some places.I give this 5+ stars..     Written by  SS



By : A. A. Dark

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