A View From The Top

By day I work in Marketing, which involves a fair amount of writing. Therefore, I never really had

an interest to write for pleasure. When you do it all day, the last thing you want to do when you

get home, is more writing. All the while, as my career progressed, so did my involvement in the

BDSM lifestyle.

This interest in kinky sex started in my University years. Like most men, I loved meeting women,

and especially the occasional one who didn’t mind being tied up, or blindfolded, or spanked. All

sex was great, but kinky sex was more exciting, more exhilarating, and more fulfilling.

Over the years I was lucky enough to meet my fair share of submissive women. And don’t for a

minute think these women were weak. Outside the bedroom they were confident, opinionated,

gregarious and self-assured. However, inside the bedroom (so to speak) they wanted to feel the

strong firm hand of a dominant man taking complete control.

Eventually I found the perfect partner, and am happily in a relationship.

One day, I flipped my laptop open, and to my surprise – I had an urge to write a BDSM story.

Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, then 60. The novel that resulted was ‘Testing the Submissive’.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the reviews excellent – all of which motivated

me to continue writing. ‘A Condo with Two Views’ is my second full length novel. I am now

completing my first series Pleasure Pain or Purpose, with Purpose releasing soon.

If you decide to give any of my writing a try, I hope you enjoy it!





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