By: Samantha Long

Coming soon

Word Count –  80,000

Genre –  Contemporary Romance

Violence Level 

(Scale of 1 to 5, Five being the Highest) – 1

Heat Level (See Scale Below) – 3

Sweet – 1 (anything from no romance to sex behind closed doors)

Mild – 2 (can contain several lovemaking scenes, without graphic language)

Highly Sensual – 3 (can include hot, frequent love scenes, standard for mainstream romance)

Erotic Romance – 4 (includes clinical/graphic terms for body parts and intercourse. It may include light BDSM, more frequent use of BGLT sex scenes, ménage and anal sex as long as its frequency does not outweigh normal sex. It must contain a romantic theme.)

Erotica – 5 (highly explicit/graphic/frequent, may include heavy use of BDSM, GLBT, ménage and anal. Not entirely dependent on romance.)


Synopsis – 

My name is Isla Chase. I’m finally living my dream of working in Seattle as an assistant editor under one of the top names in the business. Finally out from the watchful eyes of those waiting for me to end up like my parents in the hick town I grew up, I was beyond ready to spread my wings.

On my first major job, I meet Decker Stevens, who is reality-show royalty and for some reason, he’s set his sights on me. With a reputation like his, I would only be setting myself up for heartbreak and the failure everyone’s expected of me all my life. 

My emotions run deeper and deeper for Decker as I learn his real reasons for dropping out of the spotlight. No man should be as hot and sinfully sweet as this one is.

Just as I’m close to giving in and opening myself up for a relationship with Decker, an unspeakable tragedy occurs, rocking both our worlds. Can we hold onto each other through the madness that follows or will it destroy us?

Playlist – 

Character Casting (if available) – 

Isla: Lucy Hale

Decker: Devin Paisley

Cara: Amanda Seyfried

Blanche: Meryl Streep

Ramona: Charlotte Rampling 

Nikki: Charlotte Moss

Francesca: Carrie Underwood

Elevator Pitch (10 second pitch that you would share in line at Starbuck’s if asked to describe the book) – 

Isla has escaped to Seattle to leave her past behind. Decker is the ex-reality star whose past is haunted with murder. Sparks fly, even though Isla knows his womanizing ways. Can they both move on from their pasts to allow themselves to love?

Target Market Profile – 

18-40-year-old women who like contemporary romance. Reality TV, cocky men and nerdy women. 
Competitive Analysis Identify 3-5 books that are similar in genre and content. – 

7 identifying terms. –  

contemporary romance, seattle, movie star, humor, Samantha long, editor, angst
Editorial Reviews – 


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