Taking the Heat

​Taking the Heat (Kismet Series, Book 2)

Word Count –  


Genre – 

Adult Contemporary Romance

Violence Level 

(Scale of 1 to 5, Five being the Highest) –2

Heat Level (See Scale Below) – 3

Sweet – 1 (anything from no romance to sex behind closed doors)

Mild – 2 (can contain several lovemaking scenes, without graphic language)

Highly Sensual – 3 (can include hot, frequent love scenes, standard for mainstream romance)

Erotic Romance – 4 (includes clinical/graphic terms for body parts and intercourse. It may include light BDSM, more frequent use of BGLT sex scenes, ménage and anal sex as long as its frequency does not outweigh normal sex. It must contain a romantic theme.)

Erotica – 5 (highly explicit/graphic/frequent, may include heavy use of BDSM, GLBT, ménage and anal. Not entirely dependent on romance.)
Excerpt (1-3 per book) – 

Excerpt 1 –

 Addie shook her head, smiling. Tonight was definitely going to be fun. All she had to decide was which one of the boys she wanted to take home. Carter and Brandon seemed to be claimed already, and she wasn’t the kind of girl to step in on her friends’ territories. The silent redhead off to the side wasn’t an option.  He wasn’t paying attention to anything but his drink. Two other guys stood near a dark corner, arms crossed. They both wore identical grins on their faces, twins down to the matching firefighter t-shirts they wore.

That would explain the amount of muscle and camaraderie. Addie sidled over, smiled at them. “Hey, boys. Mind if I stand over here with you?”

“Not at all,” the one on the left said. 

“Want a stool?” the other one turned to the darkened corner. “Finn, be a gentleman and give the beautiful lady your seat.”

“Fine,” someone spoke from the darkness.

Addie’s body snapped to attention, and her lips parted. The husky voice brushed over her nerve endings and lit a fire in her blood. She leaned toward the darkness to glimpse the owner.

The stool came out first, held by a pair of strong hands. Her eyes traveled up the tattooed arms, almost gasping at the muscles, to the short sleeves of his navy t-shirt. When he emerged fully, she resisted the urge to bite her lip, a free invitation to guys like him. 

He had short blond hair and intense green eyes. The eyes weren’t welcoming, and in that instant she saw an ocean of pain before he blinked it away and scowled at her.

That brought her attention to his full lips. Lips that would’ve made him look almost girlish if not for the short blond stubble. 

“Here.” He held out the stool. “I’m going to get a drink.”

He brushed past her, and Addie inhaled the spicy scent he wore. She took a deep breath, trying to calm the shock of emotions he’d woken in her from that one glance. He looked like trouble, more than she wanted to get into. Something that would be much more than a few nights of fun. She shook it off and, looked back at the twins.

“Let’s start our own bet, boys.” She shot them a mischievous grin.
Excerpt 2 – 

“Hey, are you okay?” Addie appeared next to him, sank down.

He hated seeing the worried look in her eyes, just like his sisters. “Fine.”

Addie placed a hand on his.

The panic evaporated. Just like that, from the feel of their skin touching. His eyes widened as he looked into her calm face. There was no pity in her eyes, and that’s what sold him.

He pulled her onto his lap, his hand going to the back of her neck. Her lips pressed to his before he could pull her closer. A thrill shot through him at her boldness. She settled on top of him and dug her fingers into his hair.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, a teasing exploration, as one hand slid up her thigh to her waist. She nipped his lower lip and pressed closer. The center of her sweats rubbed against the bulge in his jeans, and he lost his breath.

She smirked against his lips and moved against him, letting his tongue swipe over hers. His hands tightened on her waist when she pulled back a little.

“I have to eat something first. Just because you brought me a kitten doesn’t mean I’m going to fall into bed with you. You have to buy me dinner a few times first.” Addie slid off his lap.

He ran a hand through his hair, tried to get a handle on his breathing. Jesus Christ, she was a ball of fire. He didn’t know how to handle the emotions running through him.
Excerpt 3 –  18+

They went inside for a late lunch of sandwiches and chips and then started showering. Addie quickly bathed so that the others could get clean and went to her room wrapped in a towel. 

As she shut the door, a hand grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around. Her hands clutched the towel, but she was prepared to beat ass if she needed to. She relaxed for a second when Finn’s green eyes met hers. “Hey.”

He didn’t say anything. His eyes dipped down, and she felt the caress of the gaze on her breasts above the towel. With one hand he brushed hers aside and opened the towel. Addie was trapped in his stare, and her breathing turned ragged. His other hand dove into her hair, and he crushed his mouth to hers. She responded instantly, not realizing until that moment how bad she wanted this. Having him close, him touching her.

The towel dropped to the floor, and she didn’t care that she was naked or that the wood of the door was cold on her back. He was hot enough to make up for it. When he pulled away, she frowned. 

“Do you know how hard it was to not drag you up here all day?” Finn pushed his shorts down, and she saw he was already hard, his erection jutting up between them. The iron hard velvet skin pulsed against her stomach. He kissed her again, pressing her against him. He broke free of the kiss long enough to put a condom on. “Wrap your leg around my waist. Fuck, you’re already wet.”

His words made her moan into his mouth. His cock pressed against that wetness and she whimpered. For not knowing she wanted this, she was suddenly an addict. Her head leaned back, exposing her neck, as he slid inside her. This time his movements spoke of desperation she also felt. 

Her hands went into his hair, holding on as he moved inside of her. There was no gentle Finn this time, this was more of what she’d expected. She bit her lip and laid her head on his shoulder to muffle part of the cries she couldn’t hold in. The house around her disappeared; he was all she saw. All she felt around her.

When his lips touched her neck and his tongue darted out, she shattered, tightening around his cock. He swore in a desperate whisper before he followed her, thrusting a few more times. 

Addie held onto him, knowing if she let him go, she’d become a puddle on the floor. He kissed her neck tenderly before sighing. 

“I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

That was all he said, but the emotion behind it brought hot tears to her eyes. She wasn’t a crier, never had been, but something in his voice sparked her own emotions. She bit down on her lip to stop the tears, then leaned back and looked at him. “It’s okay; I was hoping last night wasn’t an isolated event.”

His crooked grin had her smiling in return. “You are addicting, Addie.”

Synopsis – 

Addie’s focus is on teaching her third grade class, partying with her friends, and spending time with her family. She doesn’t mind taking a guy home, as long as he doesn’t get crazy and suggest something more. If they do, she kicks them to the curb, happy to be on her own. 

Firefighter Finn left the nightmares of war behind, moving to Sanctuary Bay to be with his two youngest sisters. He’s trying to act normal and like the hell of war isn’t breathing down his neck with every step he takes. 

They meet in a bar, both fighting their immediate attraction with sarcasm and arguments. Neither wants to pursue anything more, but fate has other plans. As friends throw them together and they finally realize how good they can be together, can they survive the obstacles life throws at them? 
Buy Links –

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NB4D01S

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NB4D01S

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00NB4D01S

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00NB4D01S
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/taking-the-heat-samantha-long/1120495196

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/taking-the-heat/id1119725359?mt=11
Book Trailer – N/A
Playlist – https://open.spotify.com/user/1294175518/playlist/62gTVA9NNX2DO9xOlTQDwx
Character Casting (if available) – 

Addie: Lyndsy Fonseca

Finn: Chris Hemsworth

Elevator Pitch (10 second pitch that you would share in line at Starbuck’s if asked to describe the book) – 

Addie is the wild child of her family and loves her job as a teacher. During a night out with her girlfriends she meets brooding firefighter, Finn, who hides his tragic past. Addie is a girl who goes after what she wants and the more time she spends with Finn, the more she wants to break her own rules. When a killer from Finn’s past starts hurting women close to him, they have to survive before they can be happy. 
Target Market Profile – 

18-40-year-old women who like sweet and sexy romance. Also like suspense and a little angst. 
Competitive Analysis Identify 3-5 books that are similar in genre and content. – 

The Last Boyfriend- Nora Roberts

Broken- Cynthia Eden

Breaking a Legend- Sara Robinson

7 identifying terms. –  

romance, suspense, arson, ex-military, firefighter, humor, family

Editorial Reviews – 


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