​Sacred (Guardian Series, Bk2)

By: Samantha Long

Word Count –  


Genre – 

YA Paranormal
Violence Level 

(Scale of 1 to 5, Five being the Highest) – 3

Heat Level (See Scale Below) – 1

Sweet – 1 (anything from no romance to sex behind closed doors)

Mild – 2 (can contain several lovemaking scenes, without graphic language)

Highly Sensual – 3 (can include hot, frequent love scenes, standard for mainstream romance)

Erotic Romance – 4 (includes clinical/graphic terms for body parts and intercourse. It may include light BDSM, more frequent use of BGLT sex scenes, ménage and anal sex as long as its frequency does not outweigh normal sex. It must contain a romantic theme.)

Erotica – 5 (highly explicit/graphic/frequent, may include heavy use of BDSM, GLBT, ménage and anal. Not entirely dependent on romance.)
Excerpt (1-3 per book) – 

Excerpt 1 –

“Tristan?” His chest muffled her voice.

“Yeah?” He stroked a hand down her hair.

“What are we getting ourselves into?” She leaned her head back to look at his face. The setting sun cast pink and orange light over it. Her fingertips traced the curve of his jaw absently. “How are we going to do all of this? We barely know what’s going on. I feel like we were sucked into this so fast.”

“We were. But what choice did we have?”

“I know, but it seems so unfair that it happened so suddenly.” Sophie blew out a breath in frustration. “Never mind. This isn’t coming out right.”

“Try.” The patience in his voice undid her.

Hot tears pressed against her eyelids. “I’m scared. Scared of dying. Or being captured like Lilli.” Her voice broke. “I feel so guilty—”

“It’s not your fault.” Tristan pulled her closer. The warmth of his arms barely chased away the chill she felt.

She shook her head vehemently. “I feel guilty because I’m glad it wasn’t me. I am so selfish. Lilli is by herself, being held by the most dangerous thing we know. She may be….” Sophie couldn’t say it, couldn’t wrap her mind around it. “God, I can’t even think it. And I’m relieved because it isn’t me.”

“We’re all glad it isn’t us. It’s a natural, human reaction.”

“We have to get her back, Tristan.” She placed her head on his chest, tried to relax. “We have to.”

“We will.” His voice was determined and then he kissed her forehead.

Sophie melted into him and listened to his heartbeat slow as he absently stroked his fingers through her hair. Her body fully relaxed, and before she knew it, she was asleep. 

Excerpt 2 – 

Morgan rolled her eyes and steered Sophie into the room. She surveyed the décor. “White and gold? Mine is white and silver. They must really want to impress us.” Morgan kicked off her shoes and lay across the bed on her stomach.

Sophie just stared, her mind blank. She’d never actually hung out with Morgan on her own. Before Lilli was kidnapped, the only time she’d been alone with Morgan was during training. Not a lot of time to talk. Truth was, she didn’t want to come up with small talk. She wasn’t sure she could.

“Why do you look like a deer caught in headlights?” Morgan shifted and her curls spilled over her shoulder. Her blue eyes mimicked the deer she spoke of. When Sophie didn’t smile, she asked, “Are you okay?”

Sophie managed a shrug. “I guess.” Not really, she thought.

“Do you think Jackson will be okay?”

“Not unless we get Lilli back.”

She wasn’t sure what to do with herself. There was only one place to sit, the bed, so she reluctantly crossed over and balanced on the edge.

“Jesus, Sophie. I’m not going to claw your eyes out. Get comfortable. Right now, the way I see it, Lilli is gone so we’re the only girls we have. No other girl is going to understand the powers or the responsibility we have. Or the guys we have around us.”

Sophie let out a breath, forcing herself to relax. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry.” She tugged at the end of her ponytail. “This has been so crazy. We didn’t exactly get along when we first met.”

“You did get on my nerves.”

Sophie glared at her. “Okay, I got on your nerves. But you’re right. We’ve been through enough that we can attempt to be friends.”

Morgan snorted.

Sophie settled onto the bed, searching for something else to say. “Have you been sleeping?”

“Not really.” Morgan looked down at where she toyed with the blanket on Sophie’s bed. “I keep seeing the time Akeldama attacked me in the Dean’s office. Over and over. Sometimes I don’t make it out.”

At the buried sound of despair in Morgan’s voice, Sophie placed an arm around her shoulders. Morgan had been so strong, so sure of herself, except in that moment. Sophie understood how she felt. Akeldama could strike fear into the devil himself. She also understood Morgan just revealed something about herself she probably wouldn’t have told anyone else. Maybe they could be friends, true friends, and not just people caught up together in this mess.

“When I was stuck in that cell, Akeldama came to talk to me. She showed me her power, strangled me with it, before she made the oath that prevented her from hurting us. If she hadn’t wanted us to die by human hands, I’d have been dead in less than a heartbeat.” Sophie looked her in the eyes, determined that Morgan see her own bravery. “You escaped. You fought back, and you made it out. That is so brave. You are a fighter; don’t forget that.”

Morgan’s tears dried. The determination was back in her eyes. “We’ll kill her for what she’s done. For your brother and for Lilli.”
Excerpt 3 – 

A demon to Sophie’s left stopped making out with a female. His tongue forked out when he saw the Guardians.

Sophie turned to him, ignoring the disgust at the thought of his tongue, and kicked him in the throat. She spun around and shoved him to the floor. He landed with a bone-cracking thud. Another one attacked her from behind.

His breath made her stomach roil. He used his scaly arms to pin her own down. “I’ve got you, sweetheart.”

Her legs came up and she braced them on the wall. At the same time, she leaned back with all her weight. Her calf muscles coiled and released as she pushed off, and they both careened to the floor.

As soon as they hit the dusty wooden floor, she used her elbows to lift up and throw herself to the left. Her knees took the brunt of the move, and her right elbow slammed into the demon’s chest.

While he struggled for air, she placed a hand on his arm. She overrode his mind to think that he was being choked. Sophie watched him clutch at his throat with one hand, his other hand punched at her side. She winced but ignored the pain until his hand dropped.

Morgan reached down and helped Sophie up.

“Three demons hunting us down.” Sophie pivoted on her feet when a demon leapt over the couch at them. The thrill that rushed through her made her want to shout with bloodlust. This was what she was born to do. She angled her sword at his neck.

The hairs on the back of her neck prickled. Another demon moved up behind her. A blast of hot air hit her when she spun to attack.

Aidan stood in front of her, grinning, palms facing out.

“Behind you.” Sophie nodded for him to turn. Aidan dodged to his left, narrowly missing a punch from a drunken demon.

“For being fairly drunk, these things put up a decent fight.” Morgan kicked a female behind the knee and pulled her head back. “Aidan.” A second later, Morgan stepped away from the pile of ashes.

Glass shattered in the foyer. Something roared, shaking the windows of the house. Sophie reached out with her mind. Tristan had shifted into his lion form, and Demetri, Ruth, and Jackson were with him. She sensed Cabariel running for the stairs.

His destination flashed clearly in her mind. “He’s heading for the mirror in his room!” Sophie immediately repeated it through telepathy.

“We can’t let him escape,” Aidan told them.
Synopsis – 

Sophie has been attacked by demons, destroyed a nest of vampires, and lived through the death of someone close to her. Now she and her friends have been rescued by the Society and taken to a secret island base to train. While they desperately search for leads on where Akeldama may be holding Lilli prisoner, Sophie tries to keep Tristan at arms-length. She doesn’t need anything to distract her from finding her best friend, or so she tells herself. 
Then the unthinkable happens. One of the Society’s own has betrayed the Guardians, selling their secrets to the demons and attacking them where they should feel safest. In the end, Sophie’s greatest enemy could be her own fears, and she faces a decision that could push Tristan and her friends away forever. 

Book Cover – 


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Book Trailer – N/A
Playlist –
Character Casting (if available) – 

Sophie: Nina Dobrev

Tristan: Chase Crawford

Morgan: Jessica Szohr

Aidan: Toby Hemingway

Lily: Kristen Prout

Jackson: Douglas Smith

Elevator Pitch (10 second pitch that you would share in line at Starbuck’s if asked to describe the book) – 

Sophie and the other Guardians, minus Lilli, are taken to a secret island to train harder, all while they search and interrogate demons to see where the demon queen has Lilli held. In their midst is a traitor, one who could bring everything down and kill them all.

Target Market Profile – 

Ages 13-30. Likes paranormal, paranormal creatures, magic, action and suspense. 
Competitive Analysis Identify 3-5 books that are similar in genre and content. – 

Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong

Fallen Series by Lauren Kate
7 identifying terms. –  

ya paranormal, suspense, occult, supernatural, romance, demons, powers


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