Al Daltrey

Title ~ Purpose

Series ~ Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book Three

Release Date ~ November 17, 2016

Genre ~ Erotica Romance

Life is many things, but one thing it isn’t, is predictable. Wonderful people taken too soon, heartbreak and broken dreams. But even through the pain there is beauty, joy, and pure pleasure.
Billie finally emerges from her emotional slumber. She learns that while David can never be replaced, it didn’t mean that her life can’t have renewal. However, will secrets from her BDSM past threaten the promise of a new future?
Jasmin decides to take a page from Billie’s book, and goes on a pilgrimage of her own. Lessons learned on the Camino de Santiago will help frame her outlook on life. Kinky encounters are never far behind.
Vicky fights the good fight against the cancer that has taken root in her body. Andrew, for all his past discretions, stands by her every step of the way. Together, the battle only makes them stronger.
Life is life, as the three best friends discover. It may not be easy…

But together they find renewed purpose.



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