Al Daltrey

Title ~ Pleasure

Series ~ Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book One

Genre ~ Erotica Romance

Pleasure, Pain or Purpose…the story of three best friends. 

When everything seems perfect, that’s when a curve ball is likely waiting around the corner. Biljana Stevens’ blissful life is derailed after the sudden death of her cherished David. Now a lonely submissive, she travels the world with a crushed heart.
A contradiction all her life, Jasmin Stallworth loved Barbies; but she also loved baseball with the boys. Now an undercover cop, Jasmine has a penchant for risk: kinky risk. Will she put her career on the line and her life in danger to satisfy her hunger? 
Vicky Knox and her husband Andrew were compatible, but she longed for more than a roommate. Why can’t the magic and enthusiasm always so plentiful in the early stages of a relationship, last a lifetime? Married life became mundane. Until rough sex and a password changed everything. 
Together the three friends help each other navigate life, loss and love. 

Oh, and kinky sex…very kinky sex.


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Al will send a signed autograph sticker to anyone that purchases a Paperback. 


A thick envelope full of paperwork arrived the next morning. Having been delivered by a lawyer, she didn’t have to look inside to know what it contained. The whole thing gave her an ugly feeling inside. The multi-national mining company that David had worked for, MGGP Minerals, had been more than fair. The accident happened on company time, while David was visiting a mining site that was on the verge of going into production. As a V.P., he had a lot of stock options, which had tripled in value during his tenure. He was also heavily insured both personally, and professionally. All told, Biljana Stevens was getting a settlement worth $6.4 million dollars. At only 28 years of age, it was enough that she didn’t have to work another day for the rest of her life.
She signed the series of documents, all the while thinking that she’d happily trade in every penny of the money, if she could just get David back. But life doesn’t work that way. Life charts its own course. You have some control over it, but barely. At best, you’re a backseat driver. You can make insistent suggestions and requests, but ultimately life takes you wherever the fuck it wants. 
Biljana was now quite rich, but barely alive. Physically she was present, but emotionally she was vacant. She would lie awake most nights with no regulated sleep schedule. The only time she put on a brave face, was when her mother called from Seattle. “Oh, I’m okay Mom,” she would say, trying to sound upbeat. “I’m going to go for a nice long walk today.” In reality, this meant she was going to walk to the elevator, and then down to get the mail. The color had left the sky in her world. Food tasted bland. Music became muzak. Movies helped simply because they had pictures and sound. Books were okay too, except oftentimes she’d have to re-read a page because her mind had drifted off somewhere else, as she lost track of the story.


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