Crossing the Line

​Crossing the Line (Kismet Series, Book 1)

Word Count –  


Genre – 

Adult Contemporary Romance

Violence Level 

(Scale of 1 to 5, Five being the Highest) – 1

Heat Level (See Scale Below) – 3

Sweet – 1 (anything from no romance to sex behind closed doors)

Mild – 2 (can contain several lovemaking scenes, without graphic language)

Highly Sensual – 3 (can include hot, frequent love scenes, standard for mainstream romance)

Erotic Romance – 4 (includes clinical/graphic terms for body parts and intercourse. It may include light BDSM, more frequent use of BGLT sex scenes, ménage and anal sex as long as its frequency does not outweigh normal sex. It must contain a romantic theme.)

Erotica – 5 (highly explicit/graphic/frequent, may include heavy use of BDSM, GLBT, ménage and anal. Not entirely dependent on romance.)

Excerpt (1-3 per book) – 

Excerpt 1 –

 Victoria turned when she heard the door to the office open and the shock shot straight to her toes. Thank God she’d fixed her hair and makeup. A friend of her father’s? No way. This tall and lean guy was nowhere near her dad’s age and had muscles that were evident underneath his gray t-shirt. Tattoos peeked out from under the sleeves and twisted down his arms to his wrists. Shaggy black hair framed a face with a square jaw and full lips.

Anatomy that she’d tried to forget about roared to life.

Which was ridiculous, because the last thing she had time for was a man, even one as gorgeous as this one. She recognized him from high school, although they’d never been in the same circles since he’d been more of a bad boy.

Catching herself, she held out a hand and said coolly, “Hi, I’m Victoria. Wes’ daughter.”

His eyebrows rose over ice blue eyes. “I’m Nick.”

She ignored the interest on his face as his lips quirked.

“Hey, Nick. Thanks for meeting us. Want to take a look around?” Wes asked.

“Sure. What are you looking to do to the place?”

Victoria tried to bring her thoughts back to the business. Her dad was up to something, she could tell. He would’ve never hired out the job to someone else, even if he was retired, because he’d want to do it for her.

Wes glanced at her. “Ask her. She’s the designer.”

He excused himself as his phone rang, and Victoria watched him leave with a mutinous glare.

“So, Victoria. What do you want to do with the space?” Nick asked. His voice hinted at his amusement.

“You think this is funny? They’re trying to set us up. It’s mortifying.” How could Nick not see what was going on? He definitely looked like the type who could get his own dates. If her sisters knew about this, she was going to rain hell down on them.

Nick shrugged, the muscles in his torso and shoulders catching her eye. “I think it’s funny. Wes told me he had a client for me. He didn’t say it was one of his beautiful daughters.”

Heat unfurled in her abdomen. She told her brain to tell her newly awakened anatomy to slow its roll. “Where do we go from here?”

“I hear there’s a new restaurant on the boardwalk we could try out.” At her glare, he laughed.

The sound shot straight to her core.

“I could design you an awesome office space. I am good at what I do. We can ignore the fact that our parents are working against us. Or we can make them happy and go out. I do love my mother very much, and this would make her very happy.”
Excerpt 2 – 

He taped his hands, watching the people working out, sparring, or cross fit training. Luke had instructed the kid to lift weights with another trainer and crossed the floor to Nick.

“We haven’t sparred in a while. Want to get in the ring?” Luke asked as he assessed Nick. “You’ve kept most of your muscle mass in the last month, probably due to your job.”

Nick shook his head. “Maybe Friday. I have to work all week.”

“Want to impress your new girlfriend? Don’t want to look like a wimp on the job, not with the bruises I’d leave on you.”

“Right.” Nick grinned. “I always kicked your ass.”

Luke clapped him on the shoulder. “That’s not how I remember it.” He pointed toward the now empty punching bag. “That’s the only one open for now. After work is one of our busiest times, you know that. Hit that for a little while, see if you can work your sexual frustration off since you won’t call Ivy. God, you’ve got it bad.”

Nick clenched his jaw against the string of curse words he wanted to sling at his brother. He claimed the punching bag, starting off with short but strong jabs to burn off the edge of the frustration. He didn’t have it bad. He didn’t even have it, whatever it was, a little. Victoria had a hot body, but she was a mother recently out of a divorce. He didn’t want to step into that mess. She wasn’t going to just roll around in bed to satisfy an itch and then wave him out the door. She’d want to make him breakfast, talk about his day, ask him to fix stuff around the house. Things a man would do for his woman.

The jabs got sharper, the bag rocking. The thought made his chest tight. She had pre-teen daughters. He didn’t know what to do with them. Hadn’t spent time around any, other than some of the kids at the gym, and he just taught them stuff he already knew. He sure as hell didn’t know how to raise one.

And why the hell was he thinking about raising kids? The woman confused him, shredded his mind. All at once he wanted the job over so he could forget her, but at the same time he didn’t want it to end.

Damn that woman for messing with his mind.
Excerpt 3 – 

When Nick called and asked her to meet him for a business dinner later in the week, stating a problem at the office, Victoria reluctantly agreed. Even if it was only for business, it made her jumpy. Being with him again, outside of work, tested her resolve to stay away from him.

He picked a small seafood restaurant nestled on the boardwalk. She could tell he hadn’t gone home by the sawdust on his jeans. He grinned when he saw her look. “I didn’t have time to change. I came straight from the office.”

She shook her head, trying to resist the urge to let her guard down around him. He could obviously charm women into dropping their walls, becoming addicted to him, and then throwing them away, like the girl at the flea market. She didn’t want to end up like that.

He led her to the tables situated on a deck facing the water and pulled out her chair.

“Thanks.” She glanced at the ocean. The sun’s setting rays cast pink light over the horizon, and only a few clouds floated in the sky.

“What do you want to eat?”

Victoria turned her attention back to the plastic menu in front of her. “I have a craving for fried shrimp.”

“Good choice. I’m getting the sampler platter.”

Victoria’s brows rose. “That’s a lot of food. Think you can eat it all?”

“If I don’t, I’ll take it home.” Nick leaned back in his chair. “Since this is a business dinner, does that mean you’re paying?”

Victoria couldn’t fight her smile at the humor in his eyes. “I guess it could be a write-off.”

“There’s no way you’re paying for this dinner. My mother would be disappointed if I was so ungentlemanly.”

Watching him move across the table, the cut of his muscles underneath his shirt, the easy way he smiled, awakened more sensations in her body. She wondered what it would feel like to have his weight settle on top of her. She quickly averted her eyes, just in case her thoughts were written on her face.

The waiter took their orders and disappeared into the back. A few people looked over curiously, wondering what the two of them were doing together. She’d have to make a point of letting people know it was just a business dinner. If someone thought they were dating, the gossip would be all over the town in less than an hour.

What was she thinking? It was probably already all over the place.

“What’s on your mind?” Nick asked. His head cocked to the side, and she felt the intensity of his stare slide over her skin. She resisted a shiver.

“Nothing.” She made a mental note to ignore the other people and focus on the business.

He looked like he wanted to say something more, but instead asked, “Did your clients like the furniture we picked out?”

“We?” She laughed. “I’ll go with that since you helped out. Yeah, so far. The sand dollar frame is going in a beach house I’m redecorating.”

“What exactly is it that you do? I’ve never met an interior decorator.” Nick nodded to the waiter who brought his beer and her sweet tea.

“I redecorate for clients and hunt down furniture and accessories they want. Some give me creative control. I also help out the real estate agents around here with stagings, which is basically where I decorate a house they’re trying to sell. Decorated houses usually sell easier than bare ones.”

“Makes sense.” He looked at her over his beer, his stare assessing. She felt naked underneath it, like he was looking for something she didn’t know was there. “How long have you been in the business?”

The sincerity in his voice weakened her walls. She was used to Roger’s indifference; his questions had always been a roundabout way to talk about himself. “For a little more than five years. Once the girls were older, I could put the time I needed into it. It took a while, but the business grew.”

“Because you worked hard.” Nick’s serious gaze met hers. “My mom worked hard, too. I can appreciate what that takes when you have kids.”

A blush crept into her cheeks. “Thanks.”
Synopsis – 

Victoria doesn’t have time for love after a bitter divorce. She’s too busy. Her twin daughters are approaching puberty and her interior design business is expanding. So when Nick enters her life, she has to remember why she’s too busy for a little lust. Which is difficult considering he’s the contractor hired to redo her office. Besides, his tattoos and MMA past make him a poor candidate for a woman who’s trying to level out her life. 
Nick thinks Victoria’s hot but doesn’t want to get involved with a woman who has kids, much less one that’s been hurt by a man. Too much baggage. He’s sworn off relationships, tending to stick with one-night stands. Victoria is a client, one he doesn’t want to cross the line with, but the more he’s near her, the quicker his resolve weakens. 
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Book Trailer – N/A
Playlist –
Character Casting (if available) – 

Victoria: Kate Beckinsale

Nick: Scott Eastwood

Roger: Eric Stoltz

Helena & Lucia (twins): Younger Shailene Woodley
Elevator Pitch (10 second pitch that you would share in line at Starbuck’s if asked to describe the book) – 

Victoria is divorced with pre-teen twin daughters and has given up on love. Then she meets the contractor working on her office and can’t help the attraction she feels toward the known womanizer. Their families keep throwing them together and they give in to the chemistry between them. 
Target Market Profile – 

18-40-year-old women who like sweet and sexy romance. 

Competitive Analysis Identify 3-5 books that are similar in genre and content. – 

The Next Always-Nora Roberts

I Wish You Were Mine- Lauren Layne

The Allure of Dean Harper- RS Grey

7 identifying terms. –  

romance, humor, divorce, MMA, family, humor, bullying

Editorial Reviews – 


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