Behind the Facade

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    • The last book to ever be released by A.T. KING

      Gavri’el and Mykel have been tasked with ensuring that every soul reaches it’s rightful destination once it departs its earthly vessel. They must decide which goes to heaven, which goes to hell, and which must suffer in purgatory for their crimes. For thousands of years Gavri’el and Mykel have done their jobs without questioning their choices, until they meet Mr. Belle and Tommy.
      Mr. Belle and Tommy are two souls that are linked together due to an unfortunate circumstance. They have both landed in the court of Gavri’el and Mykel and must now be judged in order for their fate to be decided. They each weave an interesting tale explaining their predicament, but one of them is lying. Is Tommy the victim of an old man’s ire, or has Mr. Belle been robbed of his right to enter the kingdom of heaven? It’s up to Gavri’el and Mykel to decipher the truth behind the stories and send out a just verdict. There are three sides to this story; Tommy’s, Mr. Belle’s, and the Truth.
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