White Out



Whiteout By A.A Dark
This is a continuation of 24690 and this book was seamless.. This was a heart attack
waiting to happen. West puts 24690 (Everleigh) into Whiteout until he figures out what he
is going to do with her. When in there 24690 (Everleigh) does all she can to stay safe while always thinking she is seeing Bram.. This author writes this story so well I had to take a break at some points just to get the heart to slow down a bit. Will West have mercy on 24690 (Everleigh) ? I do recommend this book and just make sure you don’t have anything going on for that day ..You will not put it down after you start reading.. This is another book full of emotion and you will find yourself cheering for 24690 (Everleigh) .. You will also think you know what will happen and be completely wrong..It was written so perfect and the characters were so believable I felt I was feeling and experiencing some of what was happening,I Loved how it ended.. If this Author wants to reopen this series and have another one following at a later time it could happen.. Possibly a Cat and Mouse game ** Hint *Hint * I give this 5 Stars ..I received this advanced copy for an honest review.. Written by SS



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