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CHAZ: Death Riders Series Book 3


FREE SEPT. 22nd-26th
These are a series of short stories with the first 3 books available now. 

Book 1 of Death Riders

     Conrad Peters was an outcast and handsome in a rugged sort of way. He’d given up on society yet women wanted him at every turn. Motorcycle bound, he lived from place to place and dollar to dollar, taking love where he could find. 

Beauty is often used and abused. He’d find that out after meeting the woman he’d love. Saving himself was a daily chore, but could he save her as well?

Book 2 of Death Riders

Danny’s a hard man; large and brawny with desires most would shy away from. Not Xavier. She embraces his needs. Danny had all but given up on women. He sought professionals whenever he could. Xavier’s acceptance of him surprised him. He never expected her to relish a BDSM lifestyle. 

As they travel together toward California, they’re dodging a tail that’s been put on them by Xavier’s sister’s husband. They’ve already helped her sister and Conrad, Danny’s best friend, leave Georgia, and they are now heading toward Canada. 

On his friend’s recommendation, Danny plans to join the California chapter of the motor cycle club, Death Riders… a club that prides itself on staying below the radar and the police. But will Danny’s decision destroy his newly formed bond with Xavier? Or will they both find what they are looking for. 

The series continues. 

Book 3 of Death Riders

Chaz Barros is committed to helping Conrad Peters, a brother biker, who is on the run from the mob. 


Hard, hot women who never say no.

Hard men who never take no for an answer.
All of the above make up most motorcycle clubs. 
Chaz Barros is no exception. He’d served his time, committed his. crimes, and is president of the San Bernardino California chapter of the motorcycle club Death Riders. Meet Torri MacClare, the woman 

in his life. Like most biker chicks, she’s untamed and tough.
The series Death Riders continues. 
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