I just finished Reading this BOOK. I have one word to say OMG
The story is Twisted and Dark and I Look forward to Reading the next BOOK. I started Reading the Book when I woke up today and couldn’t put it down.
Bram who is the high master and has hidden his feelings for a slave since she was brought there to Whitlock Slave 24690 . She was taken from her family on her 10th birthday. He made a commitment that he would protect her as much as he could after she tried to kill herself.. Then there’s West who is Brams best friend and someone who has always done what was asked biding his time he could take what he wanted. Slave 24690 and Whitlock..
Does Slave 24690 get the happiness that she seaks? Does Bram stop resisting what he feels and does west get what he’s been striving to for so long?
This author made you feel all the emotions you can have.. Made you feel sadness, you felt love, loss, anger and made you so angry that I wanted to be the gripping the scissors..Yes that part was scary to me..You need to read this book and you will understand why i say that. This book is not for the Faint and did have me cringing in some places.I give this 5+ stars..     Written by  SS



By : A. A. Dark

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