Sin with Me

​Delaney’s Projects:Title: A Woman’s Touch (Part One:A Woman’s Touch Series)

Author: Delaney Foster

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

I’d been through the fire and come out a diamond. I was the owner of my destiny. Yeah that worked for about a minute. Right up until the day Nathan Alexander sent his stupid letter to my office. Then it was like someone had opened up a bag of marbles in a mine field. The life I had worked so hard to rebuild quickly started falling to pieces. Everything that meant anything to me was being snatched from my hands. Bit by bit the storm came raging. All the weakness from my past came creeping back. And any glimpse of hope I had for my future, for my son’s future, was blowing away with the wind. 
That’s when I decided to go to him for help. United States Senator, Nick Knight. He is completely unexpected. His mere presence commands attention. He is everything I never thought I’d have. Everything I never knew I even wanted. He calms my storm. He quiets my soul. Even without knowing my secrets, he comforts me. But he has secrets too. Demons he drinks away at night. Maybe we can save each other.

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Title: A Man’s World (Part One:A Woman’s Touch Series)

Author: Delaney Foster

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic RomanceSynopsis:Is it even possible to hold two hearts in your hands and not know which one beats the perfect rhythm for yours? 

My life has been anything but simple lately. The past two months have come in like a hurricane, leaving me here: hanging on to a tree, waiting out the storm with the hope we’re both still standing when it’s all said and done. 

I’ve fallen for a heart that doesn’t know mine yet. 

And I’m holding on to a heart that is slowly shattering. 

I know what I have to do. I know who I have to choose. 

The question is: Will he still want me once he knows the truth?

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Title: Sin With Me

Author: Delaney Foster

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Makenna Taylor and Reid Landry are high school sweethearts. He was her first. Her only. They had life all planned out. Right down to the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Then Reid joined the Marines, and from that day forward, life as Makenna knew it would never be the same. 
She thought it was just another part time job waiting tables while she worked her way through college. She thought she had the fairytale. She thought she had imagined what happened that fateful night at the liquor store. She thought Cal Suppato was just another man. She was wrong. 
Soon, she would learn that every family has secrets. Every stranger has a dark side. And love isn’t just a simple four letter word. From greed, to pride, to lust, Makenna is slowly introduced to the seductive world of sin. A world she’d only heard about in the whispers of her grandmother’s living room. A world many know about but simply refuse to see.

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Delaney Foster is a wife, mother, and lover of all things romance. She is a true Southern Belle who enjoys a good wine after a long day and Saturdays at the baseball park. In her stories you will find sexy alphas, the women who love them, and a passion worth staying up past your bedtime for.
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or @msdelaneyfoster

or @delaney.foster

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