Zak who is part of the British Army Special Forces is looking for revenge for his friends’ death six years ago.  Zak is assigned to a case where he meets Dolores, a fellow team member and also part of the British Army Special Forces. 

It doesn’t take long for the sparks between Zak and Dolores to ignite and the passion between them consume them.  However they both have a job to do, can they put their passion for one another to the side and complete their mission?  I will not give away this book in detail however the ending was not one you would expect and left you breathless.

I felt the story line and plot was spot on and was in great detail.  This was a fast read for me and held my attention from beginning to end.    The author described everything in detail and you felt as if you were right there watching the story unfold.   The author did a fabulous job holding the reading’s attention and yet I felt this was not some story with just sex and more sex.  This story for me had meaning and depth to it.  I will be reading more by Mr. Hardacre.


Lindsey: 3 Amigo‘s Wicked Book Review



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