Undercover Liasions


After witnessing the death of two of his colleagues whilst on patrol in Northern Ireland by the Provisional IRA, Zak is driven down a road of revenge, and with nothing but vengeance on his mind he was unprepared for his path to cross with the beautiful Delores. Their first meeting is electric, and his plans for revenge are put on hold as his desire for her takes over, but he soon realises that his passions are reciprocated as Delores has her own plans to ‘have’ him at all costs.
After an IRA  plot is uncovered to ambush a British Army patrol they join forces with other team members of a Special Forces Unit known as the ‘Det’, where the team are tasked to gather the intelligence needed to foil the plans of the Active Service Unit (ASU) designated to make the ‘hit’, forcing Zak to work closely with Delores to get the job done.
As the mission heats up so does the sexual tension and passionate sessions between the team mates.
Can Zak put his physical urges and desires to one side to exact the revenge he so earnestly craves…..?  



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