Deep In You

I’ve just finished Deep in you by David Scott, and all I can say is wow!!!! This book will not disappoint. It had everything I fall in love with while reading. David kept me on my toes, feeling every emotion possible when reading. I won’t give any spoilers, however, for a debut book, it was sexy, hot and and will tug at your heart!!! A must read! ! Well done David.
Written by: Denise


Deep In You

David Scott’s debut book was fantastic.. 

This is a book that will not Disappoint . 

It’s full of Twists and turns and will get you Hot. 

It kept me on the edge of my seat with all my emotions running 

high .. I look forward to reading more from David S Scott.. 

 written by ss

Deep In You

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(¸.•´(¸.•´  “DEEP IN YOU” by David S. Scott is NOW LIVE!! 

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My name is Alexander Phoenix. You’ve probably heard of me, most people have. I’ve won numerous awards and medals all over the world, including the last two Olympics Games. Outside gymnastics, I’m untamable. Many have tried, none have succeeded. They’ve called me a playboy, a philanderer …

Until a chance meeting in a bar with HERalmost proves to be a disaster for both of us. She’s hot, fascinating and, despite the fact that she poses a risk to me because she’s a tabloid reporter, I can’t help but feel drawn to her.

What are her secrets? Who wants to hurt her?

I’ve never shied away from challenges. Why should I start now?

©David S Scott 2016

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Gentlemen’s Agreement
July 15th,2016

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Check out this audio version of the first 2 chapters of Ethan Radcliff’s upcoming new release, Gentlemen’s Agreement.
Knightly Pleasures – Erotica for Women by The Grey Knight

Undercover Liasions


After witnessing the death of two of his colleagues whilst on patrol in Northern Ireland by the Provisional IRA, Zak is driven down a road of revenge, and with nothing but vengeance on his mind he was unprepared for his path to cross with the beautiful Delores. Their first meeting is electric, and his plans for revenge are put on hold as his desire for her takes over, but he soon realises that his passions are reciprocated as Delores has her own plans to ‘have’ him at all costs.
After an IRA  plot is uncovered to ambush a British Army patrol they join forces with other team members of a Special Forces Unit known as the ‘Det’, where the team are tasked to gather the intelligence needed to foil the plans of the Active Service Unit (ASU) designated to make the ‘hit’, forcing Zak to work closely with Delores to get the job done.
As the mission heats up so does the sexual tension and passionate sessions between the team mates.
Can Zak put his physical urges and desires to one side to exact the revenge he so earnestly craves…..?

Pleasure Pain or Purpose



A Story about life, loss and love. 

Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book Two- Pain

by Al Daltrey

Genre: Erotic Romance

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“That’s the thing about sex. It can mean the world to one person and nothing to the other.” -Biljana Stevens

Billie continued her trek to exotic countries with the hope of healing from the loss of her one true love. Her journey takes her to a lesbian bar in Chile, a Shibari Master in Japan, and a tantric sex guru in India.

But does it help?

Jasmin is torn between two men. A heavily connected mobster, fresh out of prison, and her mild mannered boss, the consummate professional. What will win out, the desire for insatiable pleasure or true love?

Will she even have a choice?

Vicky had it all. The perfect husband, a great job, and beauty. Until cracks in the foundation appear. Mistrust, betrayal, twists in the road.

Could it get any worse?

Life goes on for the three best friends as they navigate incredible highs and crippling lows.

There is pleasure, at times very kinky pleasure, and there is pain.

The only constant is their undying friendship. 

Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book One- Pleasure



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American Bad Boy


This is a great read from a first time authour. Mack and Lauren are high school sweethearts but Mack leaves for West Point right after graduation for a life in the military.

9 years later Mack returns back to his hometown and back to Lauren. Lauren has a secret of her own that she has been keeping.

Mack and Lauren discover their love for one another never waivered but can their love make t through Lauren secret and Mack’s past with the military.

The author really hit home with what war veterans face when they come back from a war zone to civilian life. This story was very detailed and well written by Eddie Cleveland.

-Lindsey Courtney