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Excerpt – 
“Who’s my girl?”he asked.
Without hesitation, she responded in her sincerest voice, one only used when she really, really wants something. “I am, Sir.”
Apparently, that was all he needed to hear. With the same consideration he showed to her blouse, Hunt ripped away the black lace of Elise’s bra, allowing her breasts to fall full and heavy into his hands. Taking each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, he squeezed, gently at first, as if rationing his cruelty to prolong her torment. His pinch tightened and torqued with no signs of mercy, sending her body into wild convulsions that raced outward in visible waves from her core to every extremity. Only after he eased the pressure did she release her first orgasmic groan as her hips and shoulders began to rattle the hollow metal door. 

“Wow…”The only word I could articulate, I made sure to do so quietly. How long had all this laid dormant? And what would happen now that we woke it? I may have had a gorgeous young redhead nibbling on my ear, but nothing could pull my focus from that door and the unfolding realization. My wife is, and always has been, a submissive in alpha wolf’s clothing. How on earth had I missed it?


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