Josiah’s Love and Justice: Volume I: Four Slaves


4 stars /
Josiah’s is an attorney known for his work to train slaves.
Molly a Dr. and Josiah’s wife. Helps and assures that they are healthy enough for them to endure what he would be putting them through. She keeps an eye out during the training and will stop it if need be.
Darla the woman he was to train get heat exhaustion and Molly stops the activities.
While they are out on the farm where they train after Molly stops the training and confesses to Josiah what she was hiding in the past year from him she asks for him to put her though the punishment like he would for those he trained.
You will also meet Leigh and Lucricia.. Through out this book you will find how they are all connected.
If your not into harsh punishment this may not be the book to read..
I felt that this book flowed well. I would have liked to have the punishment be different seemed like the same thing was repeated throughout the book. I don’t get how Molly was alright with all that transpired without having some resentment happening towards one of the ladies in particular.
I did like how this author enter-twined the characters. I’m hoping that in the other parts of the series that Molly will be more submissive and they both recognize that they are married and should have different guidelines for each other. This could be me not understanding the dynamic of it all I just feel that she bowed down to him to quick for a woman who never had in the past.

Written By Superstar

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