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Fifteen Years…
For fifteen years, Cade Anderson, drummer for the world-famous rock band 7’s
Mistress, has been in love with his best friend, the band’s lead singer. Even though it’s
been years since they were lovers, Cade still wants the man. When his best friend falls
in love with someone else, life as Cade knows it is over. The band breaks up and Cade
has to figure out how to move on.
Ten Years…
For ten years, Mal Wilson has hidden who he really is from the small-minded people of
Arlo, Kentucky. The family farm is dwindling down to nothing, and the bar he owns is
draining him dry. When it looks like he’s going to lose both, Mal has to figure out
where to go from here.
Three Months…
For three months, Cade has been drinking and f*cking his way across the country,
trying to forget about his former friend and lover. When he finds himself at a redneck
joint in the middle of nowhere, he is drawn to the handsome roughneck tending bar.
Something in the man stirs Cade for the first time in
One Night…
When Mal ends up in a hotel room with the handsome blond man who sat in his bar
for hours, the man asks for one night together. When Mal wakes up, he knows that one
night will never be enough, but it has to be.
Two men…
One musician, rich and famous, out and proud of his sexuality. One cowboy, poor as
the dirt under his boots, hiding who he is from the world. It’ll never work. Or will it?



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“Faith is an amazing author!!! This is not the first book I’ve read by this author and
certainly will not be the last.” ~Ashley (Goodreads Review)

“I really loved this book! It was so much more than I ever dreamed it would be! I love
opposites attract book and this one was perfect!!” ~Melissa at Alpha Book Club


=Meet the Author=
Faith Gibson lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her
two-legged best friends. She began writing in high school and over the years, penned
many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier than the one
before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these night-time escapades have
led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.
When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say to entertain the masses. Even if it’s
one person at a time. When Faith isn’t hard at work on her next story, she can be
found playing trivia while enjoying craft beer, reading, or riding her Harley.
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Ulterior Designs

★.¸¸,. •°´★COVER REVEAL★.¸¸,. •°´★Ulterior Designs (House of Evans, Book One) by Ella Dominguez

Long Story Short: 

Book one in a new-adult romance duet.

Warning: This book is designed for readers 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

A blueprint for desire.

With a shared passion for breathing life into an unconventional dream home, the attraction between a struggling new grad of interior design and an award-winning architect with eclectic sexual tastes is irresistible. But with a cloud of lies and loss hanging over him, the only arrangement Logan wants is one of indulgence and pleasure. However, fate seems to have another design plan in mind for them—a plan that ultimately leads them down a path of desire and discovery.

When the man obsessed with creating his unusual home sets his sights on the woman who keeps unknowingly navigating her way back to him, lust clouds his judgment and he makes an inappropriate proposition. After nearly blowing his chances with the talented and alluring beauty, he readjusts his plans, because it just so happens that his sexy ulterior motives go hand-in-hand with her expertise in interior design.

Though Chloe may be young and naïve in Logan’s eyes, she sees him for who and what he is: a man with severe commitment issues. But she’s optimistic—maybe too optimistic. And she isn’t easily deterred or scared away either, not even by the unusual nature of his design plans or his eclectic sexual tastes. In fact, she’s intrigued by them. Faced with a man who can give her not only the experience she needs to propel her career, but everything she’s ever fantasized about, she hopes that their physical and intellectual compatibility can prevail over his fears. And more importantly, that they can move forward to become not only design collaborators, but partners on a deeper level.

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Dark Edges

Title: Dark EdgesAuthor: Kane Caldwell

Release Date: TBA

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I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times.

I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized.

Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read.

She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart.

My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI.


I’m your good girl and I once had everything.

A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing… the ever-absent husband.

I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers.

I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for.

He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart.

My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart.


This is our story…





Even as my ankles began to sting with the strain they held, I couldn’t move, I was in a trance. A spell that only he had the power to break and I gazed up at him with burning desire, silently giving myself to him, waiting for his command.


Chase broke the thick hunger-filled tension and firmly whispered, “Knees.”


I didn’t question or hesitate, I don’t even think I flinched when I easily moved to kneel before him causing the fabric of my skirt spreading to its limits. 


“That’s my girl,” he coarsely muttered.


Raging emotions came over me and my lids fluttered to hold back the stinging tears. He instantly crouched before me, taking my shaky hands in his. “You trust me, Naomi?”


“Yes,” I breathed.


Chase nodded, placing my hand on my thigh, and he raised his to brush it across my cheek. The gentle touch of his rough hand had me leaning into it and closing my eyes and when he squeezed the hand he was still holding, my eyes flickered open.


With his hand cupping my cheek, eyes on mine, he began to slowly lean in and my tongue automatically came out to trace my lips. His eyes dropped to my mouth and watched its movement and when they lifted to mine, he gave a throaty growl. The dampness between my legs seeped onto my thighs and the pounding in my chest radiated throughout my body.


I straightened my back and braced for the lips of Chase Black to meet mine. 



Author Info:


I’m Kane Caldwell, an aspiring contemporary erotica Author. Writing had started years ago as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. I am the epitome of a country boy with my jeans, t-shirt, hat, scruffy face, and work boots on, driving my truck. I’m in my mid-forties, but my mind tells me different. I live in the south where the weather is warm but most times sweltering hot. I have two teenage boys that I’m very proud to call my sons. When I have down time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. 


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Title: Dick: A Bad Boys Novel

Author: R.C. Stephens

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release: April 25, 2016




My name is Dixon Crawford—my friends call me Dick.

I’m rich, divorced and I have two small kids.

When it comes to women, I like to play the field. I don’t want to ever be tied down again.

I met Eden at a Presidential gala and, yes, I was intrigued. When school started in September I was shocked to learn Eden was my son’s kindergarten teacher…

I’d slept around with the lonely rich mothers at the school and had earned a reputation.

A reputation Eden knew about…

Eden was on the untouchable list—the band on her finger screamed, “I’m taken.” But when she got into trouble with her husband she asked me for help and I obliged.

I soon discovered that innocent Eden had secrets of her own. I also discovered she was beyond tempting. Giving her a little friendly help turns into something bigger than I ever imagined….

My name is Dick. I’m told I’m an asshole, but you will need to read my story and decide for yourself!




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What Others Are Saying:

“A steady paced read with likeable characters, no heavy drama or angst. A great balance from the author of hot,serious and humerous moments and a hea leaving you with a smile.” – Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends

“How Lovely!!!

If you want a story that leaves you with a smile on your face DICK is perfect” – Reader Reviewer

“This book starts with a bang very easy to get into and entices you to keep reading and that just the prologue.” – Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner



Author Bio:

R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science.

Her debut Novel Bitter Sweet Love is book one of the Twisted Series. Followed by Twisted Love to be released May 31st 2015.

R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn’t cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she’s snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She’s a fan of drama and suspense but she’s also a sucker for a happy ending.

Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.

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Savage Angels MC Series


Savage Angels MC Book #4 ~ Savage Lover

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