Cleat Chaser

Review given by: Lindsey & Denise

Kyrie who is still coming off of a bad break up from 2 years ago to a baseball player, finds herself back again at the ball park with her best friend Nikki.  This is where Kyrie and Easton first lock eyes.  Easton a player, and not just a baseball player, finds himself thinking and basically obsessing about Kyrie.  Easton has his best friend and fellow ball player, Braden, who happens to be dating Kyrie best friend Nikki, set up a blind date with himself and Kyrie.  Kyrie struggles to come out of her comfort zone and let Easton have a chance to prove he is more than a player his image portrays.   Does Kyrie give Easton the chance he wants and prove to herself all baseball players are not just players?
I absolutely loved this book!  I was laughing and even crying along and the banter between all character’s were so really and relating.   This story gripped me right from the first chapter; I had a hard time putting down.  In fact, I read most of the book in one night.  Sloane Howell and Celia Aaron are new authors to me and ones I am so overjoyed I stumbled upon.    I was so impressed with Cleat Chaser I have purchased several other books by these authors.   


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