Cleat Chaser


Review given by: Teresa

This is the First time reading this authors books and I’m happy that
I went out my normal genre.  Not only did this Author write a book
that was entertaining and very funny
( so funny I woke up my Husband laughing )
it also made me sad in parts of it. 
Kyrie is still getting over a bad break-up and vows to not get involved
with another baseball player.  When she goes with her best friend to a
game she see’s Easton.  She has an instant attraction to him and does
everything to keep it from going any further then just looking at him. 
Her best friend has more planned to get them two together. 
Easton feels the attraction and does what he can to get what is in his sites
and that is Kyrie.
This Author did an amazing job with these characters.  She made them all believable and
I can see me being friends with all of them.  I recommend this book for anyone who wants
a great reading experience.


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