Seeking Justice


This is the 1st book I’ve read from Rivi Jacks and will not be the Last.
If your looking for a Dominating Man who is Arrogant and Sex on legs rolled into one.
no need to worry this book is for you..
Caitlyn Shaw who works for a newspaper is given an assignment that she will find hard to complete.
When she comes to the Justice house she meets Owner Liam Justice. This is the only man that has ever had a major affect on Caitlyn and she isn’t sure how she will be able to follow through with this assignment. He’s arrogant and doesn’t hide the fact that he wants to have her for his with no expectations for anything more then sex. He follows through with everything he tells her that he is going to do. He comes to the realization that he wants more between Caitlyn and tells her after one of the many Hot nights they have together.

She ends up leaving the newspaper because she just can’t betray Liam, his friends and employee’s at the justice house. How is she going to tell Liam who she is and why she came there in the first place. She knows that her time is running out .
There is several twists and turns in this book. Will she be able to tell Liam why she came to the Justice house?
I’m certainly not going to say how this unfolds. This book is a must read and be ready for a late night if you start this in the evening you will not want to put this down.
Teresa / 3 Amigo’s Wicked Book Reviews

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Shapeshifter Scorpion (Desires of Blood Book 4)



Scorpion (Desires of Blood Book 4)

If your looking for a paranormal series that is Sexy Hot, Thrilling and full of Twists you will want to pick up this Series. Ethan Radcliff
He has a way of grabbing you from the very first page all the way to the very last one. I highly recommend picking not only this book up but this entire series.
Hugo Mendez is a bull fighter who was cursed by a Witch Darita, she puts a spell on him and he changes into a Scorpion. She does this because she is tired of his ways. Every time he gets angry and is unable to control himself, he will turn into the Scorpion. She said that someday he will have that curse lifted only if he is loyal to only her.
Then you have Magenta who is a Vampire and also a witch. She plays around with some spell and it takes her to the eighteenth century where she meets Hugo. Magenta is running from a hybrid who is both Vampire and Werewolf Grayson. There is an undeniable attraction between Magenta and Hugo. Magenta calls to her maker Royce for help to get back to the 21st century. (and what???)
Teresa – 3 Amigo’s Wicked Book Reviews

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You Don’t Know Me


400Title: You Don’t Know Me (You Don’t Know Me, #1)

Author: Mandy Lee

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: June 19, 2015






Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Daniel Foster – a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed.


Although she tries to resist him, Maya soon finds herself embroiled in a steamy relationship with Dan. And while he slowly encourages her to paint again, she begins to peel back his layers. At last, when she believes that she’s finally come to understand his ways, he has one final secret to reveal … and it’s a secret that threatens to blow them apart.


You Don’t Know Me, an erotic romance, is the first book in a trilogy. Book Two will be published in February 2016.


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I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m being feisty, and it’s working too.


His lips twitch.


‘The thirtieth,’ he repeats himself. ‘Write it in.’


‘Write it in,’ I mimic him. Opening up the diary and turning to the correct page, I scrawl the word Rowley as messily as I can. ‘Is that it?’


‘No, it’s not. Have I got anything on tonight?’


I flip my way back to today. There’s a huge list of meetings during the day and his next one is due any minute, but the evening is empty.




‘Good. So, write this in. It’s just a little reminder to myself.’

I poise my pen, ready for the next messy entry.


‘Fuck my secretary.’


Oh, good Lord. What’s happening now? It’s as if some demented sex fairy is on the loose, tweaking me over and over again down below. Willing it to stop, I clamp my lips together and stare at him.


‘Good and proper.’ He points at the diary. ‘Make sure you add that bit.’


‘And what will Carla think when she gets back?’ I scribble the words fuck my secretary large across the bottom of the page, noting that he leans forwards anxiously as I do it. ‘I mean, she is your secretary, isn’t she?’ I add good and proper in capital letters, underscoring them a few times for good measure.


‘Not this afternoon, she’s not,’ he frowns. ‘This afternoon, you’re my secretary. You need to rub that out.’


He waves a hand at the diary.


‘No can do,’ I smile and I’m pretty sure he’s repressing a smile in return. ‘It’s in biro, and besides, you told me to write it. And anyway, why don’t you just fuck your secretary right now? Over there.’ I nod towards the sofa. ‘Like you did yesterday? And then why don’t you just ignore her afterwards and make her feel like an insignificant piece of crap?’


‘I’d love to fuck her right now. Over there.’ He nods towards the sofa. ‘I’d like to fuck her so hard she can’t speak for a week.’


‘Of course you would. I mean you’re not interested in a word she’s got to say. In fact, why let her talk at all? Why not just gag her?’


He leans further forwards.


‘What a wonderful idea. I’ll bear that in mind for later.’

‘There is no later.’


‘We’ll see about that. Now go and find some correction fluid and sort that diary out.’


‘I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you go and find some correction fluid and shove it up your arse?’


About The Author


Mandy was born and raised in Leicester, in the United Kingdom. She went to university in Scotland, lived in London for a few years, and then returned to her home town where she now lives with her extended family and a mad labrador.


Mandy worked full-time as a teacher until Christmas 2015 when she took a leap of faith and gave up the job. She now devotes most of her time to writing.


She’s been writing since she was thirteen, but it wasn’t until she developed an obsession with reading erotic romance that she finally found her genre.


You Don’t Know Me is her first erotic romance. The sequel, True Colours, will be published on 22 March 2016. The final instalment in the trilogy will be finished by Christmas 2016.


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Tangled Hearts


 Army Strong has a mission….to protect Southern Sassy at all costs.  

The directive had been clear: Deeply embed himself in the fair town of Paradise, Tennessee, and keep one Melody Song Reardon from forgiving her fornicating ex-fiancé and keep her safe by any means necessary. Fortunately, Retired First Sergeant Callum Valentine had always been a man that got the job done. Unfortunately, nobody told him that while his ‘job’ might be as pretty as a picture, she could be ornery as a wet cat and had a stubborn streak a mile long. Now, he was battling baristas and dodging would-be assassins in an effort to keep one sultry southern minx safe.  
He’d thought the Taliban would be the most dangerous force he ever face. Imagine his surprise when he realized that the radical extremists had nothing on one curvy little woman with a wicked edge to her tongue…. a woman that had somehow tangled herself around his cold heart. 
Melody Song Reardon was done with men. After learning that the man she’d been going to marry was no better than a corporate Casanova in and out of the boardroom and bedroom, she’d decided that love just wasn’t in the cards for her. Which was fine. She was young, smart, and capable… and better yet, she had a dream and a plan: Opening her very own book/yarn store – Hooks & Books. She had the brains. She had the building. And now, she had a freaking bodyguard compliments of her interfering older brother? 
She didn’t care how mouthwateringly handsome her so-called savior was; she didn’t need another controlling man in her life telling her what to do. At least, she hadn’t needed one…. until those nerve wracking hang-ups and strange notes took an ominous turn. Now, somebody wants her dead and the only thing standing between her and the Grim Reaper is one seriously gorgeous man named Callum Valentine. Falling in love again in the middle of her own personal apocalypse hadn’t been the plans…then again, the great thing about a plan is that it can change on a dime!


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Author info

Sarah O’Rourke is actually two besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other.  


Between them, they have four children and eighteen years of marriage…one to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers…and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!



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Cal watched her another minute. “You’re a stubborn little ball of fury, aren’t you?” he asked as he watched her try to attach the tool to the lug nut, wincing as the metal slipped for the second time in a row.

Melody took a deep breath before she slowly turned to face her tormenter. “I was brought up believing that a girl should be able to take care of herself. I forgot that lesson for a little while and almost made a mistake I could never undo with a man I’d rather forget. I’m not ever going to repeat that experience again. So, to answer your question, yes, I’m a stubborn little ball of fury. Now, will you please go on your merry way?”

Cal finally gave into the urge and laughed, earning himself a cold look from the woman currently on her knees. “Careful, Princess. I’m gonna get a complex here because it’s beginning to feel like you don’t like me very much,” he taunted her with a wink. Seeing her press her lips together tightly, he knew she was fighting the urge to scream bloody murder at him. Squatting beside her, he met her fiery gaze. “Cat got your tongue, Pretty Girl?”

“No,” she declared with a shake of her head as she looked from him to his jacked up truck. “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Ask away, darlin’,” he invited silkily with a ready nod. “I’m an open book,” he declared, holding his muscular arms out to his sides. And it was true. The book on him was open; it just happened to be written in code, he thought to himself as he gave himself a mental pat on the back for his own wittiness.

Melody offered him a deceptively sweet smile. “Is it true that men use big trucks to compensate for smaller endowments in, well,… other more intimate areas?” she asked, dropping her voice to a conversational whisper as she gave his crotch a rather pointed look.  

Cal guffawed. “Are you asking me if I’ve got a tiny dick, Princess? Because I can tell you with a hundred percent honesty that the size of my cock and the size of my truck are very directly related. They’re both big and bad, but if you don’t believe me, I’d be pleased to give you a private showing.”

Melody’s jaw dropped at his audacity. “You… you just can’t say things like that!” she blustered, blushing furiously as he laughed in her face.

“I just did. Besides, you started it,” he accused, propping his hands on his narrow hips as he leaned forward and stared her down. “Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle having it spoon-fed back to you, Princess.” Damn, Cal privately mused, he hadn’t had this much fun with a woman with her clothes on in years. He couldn’t help wondering how exciting she’d be with her clothes off. He definitely be making it a point to find that out as soon as humanly possible.

“I revert to my earlier statement. You are a pig,” she reiterated with a disgusted shake of her head, her ponytail flying over one shoulder to smack him in the face as she moved.

“Maybe, but you’re just mad that you can’t seem to get one-up on me. Not used to a man that will stand his ground and fight with you?” he asked, fishing for a response from her. He wanted to know just how much she’d reveal about her ex-fiancé in casual conversation. Her brother didn’t think there’d been any kind of physical abuse and based on her reactions to him, he tended to think RJ was right, but he wanted to be sure. Because if he was wrong, she wouldn’t need his protection because he’d simply kill the motherfucker and be done with it.

“My former fiancé didn’t fight. It was too low-class a thing for him to do. He used to call our arguments spirited debates. My ass, they were debates. Freaking moron. A fight is a fight, right?” she asked as she grunted with exertion while she tried to pry one of the lug nuts loose.  

“Right,” he agreed with a nod, sighing as her tool slipped again. “Politicians have….what did you call ‘em? Spirited debates? Real men and women fight.”

“See, that’s what I thought, too. But maybe that was the problem,” Melody muttered as she twisted the tire iron sharply, silently cursing the tight bolt. “I always did think Bradley had political ambitions. God knows that it’s what his dear old mommy and daddy wanted for him,” she continued to growl through gritted teeth as she twisted the tire iron violently. “Eureka!” she shouted when the bolt moved a few millimeters. “Did you see that? It moved,” she yelped, as her body made a tiny celebratory shimmy.

Cal chuckled softly at her little dance. “Sounds like this Bradley fella was kinda a douche,” he surmised, carefully watching Melody’s face.

“That is the understatement of the frickin’ year. Heck, maybe the decade, too,” Melody muttered, lifting one hand to take a swipe at her sweaty forehead.  

Edging toward her, Cal tried to make a grab for the tool in her hand. “Seriously, babe. Let me do that for you,” he demanded gruffly, afraid she was going to either damage the wheel well or herself with her rough use of the tool.

“I’m about done warnin’ you, Stranger, so I’ll try and be real clear one last time. You try to touch my tire iron again and I’m gonna introduce it to the side of that hard head of yours. Repeatedly,” she informed him grimly while she desperately tried to loosen the second lug nut. “And, for the record, let me just state that I am most certainly NOT your babe,” she huffed, panting with exertion.

He could see her energy waning and shook his head. “You’re completely right, you aren’t my babe,” he agreed, covering Melody’s icy hands with his as she growled fiercely at the tire. “Right now, you’re more of my pain in the ass, woman,” he continued, his hands tightening on hers as he helped her turn the lug nut. “This’d be so much easier if you’d just let me do it,” he stated again, afraid he was going to hurt her hand by squeezing it too hard. “Honest to God, sassy, sweet and stubborn is not the sexy combination I thought it would be on you.”


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The Blackmailing Neighbour/ Neighbours Property
Author Craig Lowe is releasing his two M/M short stories for 3 days before his next M/M release “Elite Sauna is released on February 29.  Please enjoy this generous gift from Craig Lowe.

The Blackmailing Neighbour
(Book 1)

When Craig comes home from work one night while his wife is away with work he is surprised to find a note asking him to visit his neighbour Jack. He soon finds out that Jack has information his wife may like to know and the blackmailing of Craig begins. Jack doesn’t want money though. He wants Craig.
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The Neighbours Property
(The Blackmailing Neighbour Book2)

The Sequel to ‘The blackmailing Neighbour’ continues to tell the story of Craig and Jack and how Jack’s control over Craig grows resulting in more hot encounters.

If you enjoyed the first then this one is not to be missed. Keep your eyes open for the final instalment coming out in the future.

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Eligible Baby Daddy



Synopsis: I’m a strong girl. I stand up for myself. But no one ever stood up for me before. At least, not until I met Forrester. He’s my man and he knows it. Not only does he want me by his side, but he’s begging me to give him a child so that his life is complete and full of love.

*Third book in the series
*Full length novel with Happy Ever After
*A bad boy haunted by a hard childhood
*But no matter who he is, he still deserves love



Not Giving Up

Coming in 7 Days!!!

Not Giving Up
Shantee A Parks 

Meet Brandon Christopher Asher II. All throughout college he was a well-known playboy. The Harvard medical student met mocha beauty, Zoey, and fell hard.

She has a troubled past and she’s not looking for love. Nevertheless, Brandon captured Zoey’s heart.

The women in his life are not accepting of her. Brandon wants a future with Zoey, however Zoey doesn’t believe she deserves love. She believes any chance at happiness is non-existent.

Will Zoey let this Billionaire philanthropist into her heart? What will happen if Brandon learns the truth about Zoey’s past?