Unleashed Volume 2- Review

I want an Alpha Male like Declan…OMG ….this man leaves panties wet and woman swooning.
Left with a cliffhanger form volume one, will Kara except the proposal Declan has given her to save her homestead? Can she keep it business and walk away in the end? Can Declan let Kara walk away in the end?
I absolutely love both Declan and Kara. You are pulled into the sexual chemistry these two have for one another and you can almost feel the emotions they feel when they are around one another. It is six years later and Kara finds herself in some financial hard ship and most go to Declan, who has worked his way up form ranch hand to multi-millionaire business man. Kara has to swallow her pride and go to Declan to ask for money to save her homestead. The sexual tension between Declan and Kara has not simmered in six year. Declan agrees to help but with a condition, Kara must belong to Declan for one week. Can Kara agree to be his for one week, it will help her save her homestead, and let’s be real it is Declan we are talking about, the man who has had her heart for six years.
Declan thinks it’s a win, win for everyone…he finally gets the girl who he has wanted for six long years but got away. However will the game change once Declan realized just how deep his feeling for Kara runs? Can Kara go ahead with the agreement and guard her heart?
Callie Harper is a new author for me and although I was not overly pleased with the way the past and present was woven in. I do understand that a background of Declan and Kara needs to be established, however I think that this was covered in book one and should not have had so much in book two. With that being said, I love this story, love the chemistry between the ever so deliciously yummy Declan and Kara. I am highly recommending Unleased 1 &2 to anyone and everyone and cannot wait for book 3! Mr. Harper is an author to watch and follow…



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