Unlawful Desire


This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I can say I’m not disappointed.
Ella Clayton is a Domme and former sub. She’s trying to save her fathers company
Clayton Enterprises from being bought out from a land developer.
While trying to keep the company she has to deal with her Sister who doesn’t approve of
her BDSM Lifestyle and sick father.
She learns Rock her ex Dom is back in town and finds he is an Attorney.
Rock is hot outside of the bedroom and even hotter in the bedroom. I think I may have found my new BBF..
Ella hires him to help save the company.
Rock and Ella still have a great chemistry no one can deny.
While trying to save the company they both have to hide the BDSM lifestyle from everyone.
Do they save the company? Do they get back together as Dom and Sub?
There were a few questions that I had at the end of the book and hoping to get those answered with the next book.
I would have liked to known what happened to her sick father who was against any relationship between Rock and Ella.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a Hot read. I will be reading more of Raven Dark’s books. 3 Amigo’s Wicked Book Reviews

Author Amazon Page: amzn.to/1TIBZYH


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