Rug Burns


This is a book you must pick up.
You learn about Weezie, her insecurities and her sense of humor who can do a puff chore like nobody’s business.. She isn’t one to settle down and not one to do repeats. She is with a Man and will not go back to a 2nd date. That is until she meets Keenan Stone who is Gorgeous, Rich, young and famous. She thinks he will be like all the others but what she doesn’t know is he see’s through all the insecurities she has. He doesn’t give Weezie what she does best and that is the Puff Chore. He makes her wait for it. I loved how Keenan was so patient and would do anything for Weezie even leave if it made her happy.. The ending is what I was rooting for.
The Characters are very relateable and I could see myself as one of Weezie’s  friends.
Absolutely Loved this book and couldn’t put it down. If your looking for a book that has humor and has the HEA this is the book you should pick up.

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