Pleasure,Pain or Purpose by Al Daltrey


This book takes you into the lives of Three best friends.
Bilajana (Billy) ,Vicky and Jasmin. You know from the beginning of the book to the end of the book that they will stand by each other through whatever may be thrown to them.
Billy is struggling through a terrible loss. She decides in order to work through this loss she is going to Travel and go out of her comfort zone.
She is slowly beginning to find the strength she needs to work through her broken heart.
I loved that she wrote her best friends an email and explained to them why she was so heartbroken. Her heart was taken that tragic day.

Vicky who’s marriage is standing dormant and wants more then just a roommate discovers
a secret her husband is keeping. During a a fight one night something happens and she is trying to work out how to recreate that for the future and not have it damage what is already a stale marriage .

Jasmin is an investigator who has mixed feelings. She is realizing that she has feeling for her boss Gladstone and finds herself mixed up with a known cop killer. She does things that she herself knows that could put her at risk as well as her job.

I highly recommend this book. Mr. Daltrey painted such a wonderful picture of each of these ladies that I was able to see bit of myself in each of them. You can see the Strength each of these Ladies have. Though I new this was a book part of the series it had me cussing at the end. I didn’t want to put the book down.

I certainly look forward to reading the next books. 3 Amigo’s Wicked Book Reviews

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Pleasure Pain or Purpose- Book One: Pleasure by Al Daltrey
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