The One Adored

****The One Adored(The One Series #3) by Alexandra North is Live!****


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One Friendship Developed into so much more. One sexy proposition led to a marriage proposal. One unhealthy interest became a deadly obsession…. Sebastian Silver was everything Lucia Myers had ever hoped for in a man – an incredible, attentive and passionate lover, a considerate gentleman and her best-friend. She knew without irrefutable doubt that he was her soul-mate. Seb and Lu had both finally begun to believe in one another enough to forgo their initial concerns and stop fighting the powerful connection they shared and embrace the intensity of their emotions, when tragedy struck. The horrific car accident that leaves Lu broken tests her faith in their future. Promises are made but will they be fulfilled? Can Sebastian and Lucia give in to love and commitment after a decade of dancing around their feelings and just trust in always and forever? Dangerous forces are working tirelessly against them; will they succeed in destroying their chance at happiness or will the person who has been obsessing over Lucia finally be brought to justice? THE ONE is out there … waiting … watching … Two people, one destiny.

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