BAD by: Ethan Radcliff

Danny and Xavier are on the run from a very high profile man. They headed west, to the Death Rider chapter out in California, on the back of Danny’s bike while trying to lose the two henchmen that were following them. Danny is a big brawny biker that has a ferocious sexual appetite that went beyond the usual vanilla. Xavier, a gorgeous smart woman who wants Danny and all he can offer. Mr. Radcliff did an outstanding job in developing these two characters and their relationship. I found myself envious of their sexual BDSM relationship and will not lie, wanting Danny for myself!

Can these two satisfy their sexual need for each other, along with losing the two henchmen and safely make their way to California?

I recommend this book to everyone and I for one cannot wait for the 3rd book in this series. Mr. Radcliff has made this book a fast read and you will not want to put it down. Ethan Radcliff has the ability to always make you want his stories to continue and will always leave you wanting more!
You have are first time reader of Ethan Radcliff you will not be disappointed. Mr. Radcliff is a gifted writer and his poetry; oh my poetry is out of this world!



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