Before him comes Me


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I was honored when this author asked me to read her book for an honest review.
I am 100% happy that I had accepted this offer. Not only did this book take me in from the very first page it kept me until the very end .
This book is about a Girl Zara who was prepared her entire childhood to take a path her parents had chosen for her. She had a very strict upbringing with lots of Tradition while trying to take care of her brother Fredrik who also had his life pre-planned.
The day Zara turns 18 was the day she was to go on that path with no choice of her own. She then meets John Garrett Dawson. He turns her life upside down by just one question. She excepts what he had ask and takes his hand and it goes from there. Everything that she has known didn’t happen at all how she was prepared for. She is given a gift that she only dreamed of as a child growing. I’m sure your wondering what that gift is? Well I will not spill that secret.
She is given a choice and while she is choosing what she decides she is at Collage in MSU . She finds two friends that become more then just friends they become family to her . With her two friends, Garrett, his family and friends she comes to realize that she has all she ever wanted.
During this time of Self Discovery she realizes a couple of things. She finds that Garrett is all she ever thinks about and she plans on showing him just how much on his Birthday.
I will highly recommend this book to anyone. This Author painted such a good picture of all events I felt almost as I was intruding on these characters lives. It’s written so well that the feelings being portrayed you felt along with all of he Characters in this book. You will laugh, Smile and Cry. I’m really looking forward to finding out what is next for this Author..


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