Tarnished & Tarnished II


Tarnished & Tarnished II
Tarnished by ‪#‎ETHANRADCLIFF‬
He was a broken man
One who tried to pretend
He had made his way
in the world today
But they’d taken all
He had, now he began his fall
From grace
From that high place
To the depths he sank
He took to drug and drank
No longer wanting to be
Who most wanted to see
She walked in to pave
The way for one so brave
He was now depraved
Could she really save
The man who lived in sin
Ready to let evil win
Ready to meet his maker
and even forsake her
Could her love
Save him above
All he’d lost
And if yes at what cost?
Ethan Radcliff…2015
Joe Murphy had it all. Money, fame, and a heavyweight title within his reach. He played the game but was beginning to lose his footing. One night, he makes a move that will change his life forever, but will the woman he wants want him?
That silver lining is starting to wear thin and tarnish like the rest of Joe’s life. Can one woman pave the road to his way back?

Tarnished II
If you enjoyed being introduced to Joe & Darlene in Tarnished . You’ll love getting to know them more in Ethan Radcliff’s Hot and Sexy sequel Tarnished II.
Some men never learn..will Joe? Joe Murphy has it all. He’s a rising star destined to be the next heavy weight champion of the world. He has a woman he loves and her little boy whom he adores. Joe has a habit of sabotaging himself. Will he risk it all one night when he makes a foolish decision?
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